Angel Wing Heart


Jamie Marina Lau
novelist & musician
instagram / soundcloud / bandcamp

a novel

Brow Books (2018)
Coffee House Press (September 2020)
Hachette Australia (2021)

In Jamie Marina Lau's debut novel, shortlisted for Australia's prestigious Stella Prize when she was nineteen years old, hazily surreal vignettes conjure a multifaceted world of philosophical angst and lackadaisical violence.

Refinery29, 'Best Fall Books 2020'
Paperback Paris, 'Best New Books'
Shortlisted for the 2019 Stella Prize
Shortlisted for the 2019 New South Wales Premier Literary Awards
Shortlisted for the 2018 Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction
Shortlisted for the Australia Literature Society Gold Medal

'In Australian writer Lau's perceptive debut, an angsty teen misunderstands the actions and intentions of those around her. . . . This inventive work satisfies in its blending of teenage ennui and a fragmented noir aesthetic.' - Publishers Weekly

'Strange and raucous. . . . [I]t's pretty perfect that one of the best novels about art and scams and art scams that I've read in a while is also a high-school novel, because. . . . the two milieus aren't that different at all; they're all about illusion and pretense and a desperate desire to belong. Lau captures all this with a chaotic, instantly addictive style and canny insights into the motivations that drive people to do some very dark things.' - Kristin Iversen, Refinery29

'Pink Mountain on Locust Island is written in prose that, like its fifteen year old protagonist, is surly, chaotic, compulsively attentive, and full of tender desperation. Plot takes a back seat to raw sensation and atmospherics. Queasily cinematic, as if Wong Kar-Wai and Agnes Varda took an acid trip together, shot through with flashes of sly, pitch perfect humor.' - Mimi Lok

'[A] deliciously disjointed novel . . . [with] fizzingly short chapters and an ultra-contemporary plot that seems tailor-made to appeal to distracted digital natives.' - ELLE Australia